Matsya Avatar in Mesopotamian mythology

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

In Mesopotamian mythology, Oannes is a Mermaid like being, Similar to Matsya Avatar who enlightened mankind with wisdom. Oannes and Apkallu the seven sages who imparted knowledge to Mankind similar to Saptarishis in Hindu Mythology.

Matsya Avatar and Saptarishis

Most of us might have heard stories about Matsya Avatar of Vishnu saving Manu and the Saptarishis from the great pralaya or deluge and Saptarishis imparted the knowledge and wisdom to mankind in this manvantara. Surprisingly in the different part of the world millenniums back a similar kind of story was written and sculptures were carved in Mesopotamia, A Man with a fish head called Oaness and the Apkallu the Seven sages imparted knowledge on to mankind.

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